T34 Tank

The T34 tank helped the North Korean army invasion of South Korea.  The tank first saw action during the Second World war where it was the main battle tanks of the Soviet Red Army.  At the beginning of the war, American and South Korean rocket launchers and anti tanks gun were not able to penetrate the frontal armour of the T34.  Only later when 3.5 Inch rocket launchers arrived in Korea did the infantry have the weapons to deal with the T34 tank but by that time most of South Korea had been lost.

In the first tank to tank battles the T34 outclassed the American M24 light tank.  Later it proved to be the equal of the American M4 Sherman tanks but inferior to the American M26 Pershing tank.  The tanks was targeted by American warplanes and by August, the tanks usually travelled by night.

It carried an 85 millimetre gun and two 7.62 millimetre machine guns.  It had a crew of five and speed of up to 53 kilometres an hour.  It had sloped armour at the front of up to 45 millimetres.  It weighted over 26 tonnes.

T34 tank
T34 tank