Episode 4.21 Hungarian Revolution 5 — January 31, 2020

Episode 4.21 Hungarian Revolution 5


Bitter street fighting in Budapest.  Events elsewhere in Hungary, a biography of Attila Szigeithy, leader of the revolution in Western Hungary.  Hungarian Prime Minister announced dramatic democratic reforms in Hungary, he reaches a cease fire deal with the Soviets.  Soviet troops and tanks begin to pull out of Budapest, it seems as if the Hungarians had seemed to have won their battle for independence and freedom or had they.

To be published on Saturday 1st February

Episode 4.20 Hungarian Revolution 4 — January 21, 2020

Episode 4.20 Hungarian Revolution 4


The events of Wednesday 24th October and Thursday 25th 1956.  Soviet troops and tanks are sent into Budapest to crush the uprising against the Communist regime however young armed Hungarians fight back in bitter street battles.  The Soviet Army quickly becomes bogged down in urban fighting, unable to defeat the Hungarian revolutionary fighters.  A biography of Hungarian Colonel Pal Maleter who joins the Hungarian revolutionary movement and takes command around the Corvin Cinema in Budapest.

To be published on Saturday 25th January

Pal Maleter
Episode 4.19 Hungarian Revolution 3 — January 11, 2020

Episode 4.19 Hungarian Revolution 3


The events of Tuesday 23rd October 1956.  A demonstration march by Budapest students swells to two hundred thousand strong as citizens of Budapest join in to protest against the Hungarian Communist regime.  An attempt to take over the Hungarian state radio station turns into a armed battle as the secret police fire on the protesters.  Rebels seize weapons from factories and armouries, the Hungarian Revolution has began.  The Soviet leadership decide to sent Soviet troops and tanks to crush the revolt.  A biography of the Hungarian Communist leader Erno Gero, who makes a ill judged radio address which inflames the protesters.

to be published on Saturday 18th January

Erno Gero


Episode 4.18 Hungarian Revolution 2 — January 7, 2020

Episode 4.18 Hungarian Revolution 2


Hungarian Prime Minister Imre Nagy tries to introduce more liberal reforms but his political reforms are largely blocked by Communist leader Rakosi, the Soviets demand the removal of both men from power.  A biography of Imre Nagy who would become one of the key figures of the Hungarian Revolution.  Public discontent with Communist rule in Hungary grows, on Monday October 22nd students in Budapest meet and plan a protest march for the next day.  That march would begin the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

To be published on Saturday 11th January

Imre Nagy