Episode 57 — September 30, 2016

Episode 57

The Battles for the Hills

As the peace talks break down in September 1952, the Chinese and North Korean Armies launch a series of attacks across the front.  The level of fighting and dying greatly increases.  General Van Fleet the commander of the Eighth Army launches his own attack against Triangle Hill and Sniper Ridge.  In heavy fighting for Triangle Hill, the Chinese successfully force the Americans off the hill.  A biography of Ralph Pomeroy, an American soldier who showed great courage and lost his life fighting for Triangle Hill.

Available from Saturday 1st October



Episode 56 — September 23, 2016

Episode 56

I like Ike but what does Ike like

The Battle of Old Baldy continues into July 1952 and fighting breaks out elsewhere along the front line in July and August 1952.  President Truman decides not to stand for re-election and the Democratic Party chose Stevenson as their candidate for the 1952 Election but due partly to the Korean War it is the Republican Party which stands the best chance to win.  The Republican Party chose Eisenhower as their candidate, during the campaign he promise to go to Korea and see for himself the war.  Eisenhower is a elected and visits Korea where he tells the Generals their will be no major offensive.  A biography of Eisenhower.

Available from Saturday 24th September.

Episode 55 — September 19, 2016

Episode 55

The Battle for Old Baldy

General Van Fleet orders an attack on the two hills of Old Baldy and Pork Chop Hill.  The American attack is successful but the Chinese launch a series of counter attacks upon Old Baldy which are beaten off.  General Mark Clarke replaces General Ridgeway as the commander of American forces in the Far East.  A review of the performance of General Ridgeway and a biography of General Mark Clarke.  The treatment of the wounded during the Korean War.

General Mark Clarke
General Mark Clarke
The Korean War Podcast is one year old — September 9, 2016

The Korean War Podcast is one year old

The Korean War is now one year old but remember that there are only three more months of episodes to go before we end the series.  Last month was the best ever for downloads and September has began well.

Episode 67 the last but one, is a question and answer session about the Korean War, where I will attempts to answer your questions.  You can send me your questions either on the comments sections of this website or by emailing them to kendrick6@aol.com but please mark it ‘Korean War Podcast’ or you can write to Paul Kendrick, 33 Boundary Road, Norwich, NR6 5JF, United Kingdom.  Please can I have your question by the end of October.

My microphone is broke but as I have seven episodes stored up this should not affect the publication of episodes.

1st birthday


Book Selection — September 5, 2016

Book Selection

Truce Tents and Fighting Front

This book written by Walter Hermes details the fighting within the Korean War from the summer of 1951 to the end of the Korea War in July 1953.  It also details the peace talks between the United Nations and the Communists, which often broke out in bitterness and angry but which after the death of Stalin did finally bring about the end of the Korean War.  The story of the peace talks is a long and complex tale which the books covers well as is especially recommended for those who wish to know more about them.


Episode 54 —

Episode 54

The Aerial and Naval War

The fighting along the front line in March and April 1952.  The main effort by the United Nations Air Force is not to attack the enemy front line but to cut the Communist Armies lines of supply, they are not as effective as hoped for and the levels of supplies increase.  Later the Air force attack targets such as power plants, dams and rice warehouses.  The Naval blockade of North Korea remains in force for the rest of the Korean War.  Coastal raids are launched against North Korea. A biography of Admiral Briscoe the commander of American Naval forces off the shores of Korea.

Available from Saturday 10th September.