Episode 3.15 — March 25, 2019

Episode 3.15

The Communist revolts in the Philippines and Burma

In 1946 Philippines become Independent however there much corruption and Police oppression.  There begin a rural revolt, until May 1948 the Communist do not support it but then after the Calcutta conference they change they position.  When the Korean War starts the United States Government increases military aid to the Government of the Philippines but insist that Ramon Magsaysay become Minster of Defence to led the fight back against the now Communist supported rebellion.  A biography of Ramon Magsaysay who became President of the Philippines.  In 1948 a Communist revolt begin in Burma which would last for more than 40 years.

To be published on Saturday 30th March

President Magsaysay of the Philippines
Episode 3.14 — March 19, 2019

Episode 3.14

A year of living dangerously

There is growing distrust between Indonesian President Sukarno and the Communists toward the Army Generals.  After a failed left wing coup in October 1965, the Generals turn on the communist killing at least a million of them.  In 1966 the Generals begin to oust Sukarno from power.  A biography of General Suharto the man who would rule Indonesian for the next thirty years.  He would break all ties with Communist countries and become an ally of the west.

To be published on Saturday 23rd March

General Suharto
Episode 3.13 — March 12, 2019

Episode 3.13

The Indonesian Confrontation part three

Indonesian troops launch raids against the Malayan mainland.  In North Borneo there are several firefights between Indonesian and Commonwealth troops, the Commonwealth forces gaining the upper hand.  Commonwealth special forces launch raids into Indonesia.  The war peters out in 1966 after dramatic events within Indonesia in 1965.

To be published on Saturday 16th March

Major General George Lea