Episode 7.14 — November 30, 2022

Episode 7.14

Nehru and the non-aligned movement

A biography of Nehru, the first Prime Minster of India. His role within the international non-aligned movement which played an important role in international politics in the fifties and early 1960’s.

Published on Saturday 3rd December

Episode 7.13 — November 22, 2022

Episode 7.13

First Indo – Pakistan War

Between 1947 and 1949, India and Pakistan went to war to fight over control of Kashmir. The majority of the population was Muslim but the ruler of Kashmir Hari Singh was not, his biography is given, his pictures is shown below. In 1949 pressure from the United Nations brought the war to an end but the India had gained the upper hands.

To be published on Saturday 26th November

Episode 7.12 — November 15, 2022

Episode 7.12


In this first episode dealing with India between 1945 and 1965, I will deal with the violence that happened as a result of the partition of India into the states of India and Pakistan. Two million were killed and millions more were forced to leave their homes and flee as refugees. A biography of the leader of Pakistan Jinnah is given.

To be published on Saturday 19th November

Episode 7.11 — November 9, 2022

Episode 7.11

Queen Elizabeth the Second

This is a one off special episode dealing with Queen Elizabeth the Second who died in September 2022, she was the last living major figure of the period deal within in this podcast. This episode looks at both her life and of the British Armed Forces which she commanded between 1952 and 1965.

Episode 7.10 — November 1, 2022

Episode 7.10

China under Mao

I give a account of the rule of Chairman Mao Zedong over China from the end of the Chinese Civil War to the his death in 1976. Millions would die as a result of his reign either being murdered during his several purges, being allowed to die in prison overworked, underfed and without medical help or the millions who were allowed to die of hunger in the famines caused by the policies of Mao.

To be published on Saturday 5th November