When the Cold War got Hot — October 30, 2017

When the Cold War got Hot

To give the historical context to the Korean War and to explain the reason why the United States would commit itself to fight Communist in Korea, which would last five years and cost the lives of over thirty thousand men and a billon dollars.  I shall be adding a season of episodes explaining in detail events both before and during the Korean War, which led to the fear of Communist domination of Asia.

For Stalin due to the American superior nuclear arsenal did not want a direct conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States.  Instead Stalin wanted the armies of the western powers to drawn into unwinnable wars in Asia against Communist armies with superior numbers of men.  The Korean War was not the only such war the British Army was to be drawn into a war in Malay and the French into a war in Indochina.

The First Indochina War Podcast season

I will begin with a twenty episode season on the First Indochina War, when the Communist Viet Minh would grind a modern western army, the French Army in a war which would last from 1945 to 1954.

Special Edition — October 25, 2017

Special Edition

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un and the Atomic Bomb
In this special edition, I discuss the recent tensions in Korea over the North Korean atomic bomb and missile programmes. Also I will announce a second podcast season which places the Korean War in its historical context and the events both before and during the Korean which played an important affect on the Korean War, stating with the First Indochina War.