Episode 62 — October 31, 2016

Episode 62

Coming to terms

Fighting along the front line in May 1953 however the Korean War was brought to an end not on the battlefield but at the peace talks at Panmunjon.  These talks restart and make slow progress but this time the Communist are serious about ending the war.  A biography of Nam Il, the head of the North Korean delegation at the Panmunjon peace talks.

Available from Saturday 5th November

Nam IL
Nam IL
Episode 61 — October 25, 2016

Episode 61

Pork Chop Hill

The fighting along the front line in March and April 1953.  The Chinese Army seize Old Baldy from the Columbian Battalion.  American counter attacks are costly and are called off by General Maxwell Taylor.  The battle for Pork Chop Hill began with heavy fighting between the American and Chinese Army.  A new round of peace talks are arranged within a real sense of hope that the war can be ended.  A biography of John Foster Dulles the American Secretary of State.

Available from Saturday 29th October

John Foster Dulles
John Foster Dulles


Episode 60 —

Episode 60

The Death of Stalin

Stalin insist that the Korean War should continue.  Stalin launch the purge known as the Doctors Plot.  In March 1953 Stalin suffers a stroke and dies.  The new Soviet leadership decide that the Korean War should be ended.  Zhou Enlai makes the first statement that meaningful peace talks might began.  Both sides agree to an exchange of sick or wounded prisoners called Operation Little Switch.  The power struggle within the new Soviet leadership comes an end with the arrest of Beira.  A biography of Beria, the former murderous head of the NKVD.

Beira with Stalin
Beira with Stalin
Episode 59 — October 19, 2016

Episode 59

The War grinds on

Fighting along the front line in January and February 1953.  The failure of the American Army attack upon Spud Hill.  The life of an American soldier in Korea during war.  General Maxwell Taylor replaces General Van Fleet as the commander of the Eighth Army.  A biography of General Maxwell Taylor.  General Mark Clarke the commander of American forces in the Far East suggests an exchange of sick prisoners of war.


Episode 58 — October 7, 2016

Episode 58

The Communist side of the hill

Fighting along the front line in Korea in November and December 1952, another Christmas with no peace and little goodwill in that country.  A review of what was happening within China during the Korean War.  A biography of Zhou Enlai the Chinese foreign minster.  The first of Chairman Mao’s purges within China.  What was happening within North Korea, a country damaged by war.  Both China and North Korea want an end to the war but Stalin insists the war continues.

Available from Saturday 8th October