Episode 4.9 — October 28, 2019

Episode 4.9

The Titoist schism

In 1948 there was a spilt in relations between Tito and his Yugoslavian Communist Government and Stalin and the Soviets.  The rest of the international Communist movement remained loyal to Stalin including the Greek Communist Party which carries out a purge of Titoists within the movement.  The Yugoslavian Government had been the many suppliers of weapons and supplies to the Communist Democratic Army of Greece but in July 1949 due to the opposition of the Greek Communist Party, Tito has the border closed to the Greek Communist forces, their base camps in the country are closed down and four thousand Greek Communist fighters are disarmed and interned.  This is a major blow to the Democratic Army of Greece.  A biography of Yugoslav leader Tito and the reasons fro his spilt with Stalin.  The Military campaign in Northern Greece in the summer of 1949.

To be published on Saturday 2nd November

Marshall Tito


Episode 4.8 — October 22, 2019

Episode 4.8

The Battle of Florina

The Communist Democratic Army of Greece begin to fight a conventional war in Northern and Central Greece against the Greek National Army.  A description of the Battles of Karditsa, Karpanisi and Florina, the first two battle are indecisive but the Battle of Florina is a serve defeat for the communist Democratic Army of Greece where they lose heavily both soldiers and equipment.  A biography of the new commander of the Greek Government’s Greek National Army Field Marshall Papagos who with the aid of American General Van Fleet bring about a radical improvement in the management of the senior leadership of the Greek National Army.  The Greek economy in 1948 and 1949 begins to improve which helps the Greek Government..

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Field Marshall Papagos


Episode 4.7 — October 15, 2019

Episode 4.7

The Battle of Peloponnese 

The Greek National Army is rearmed with modern weapons by the Americans, the size of the Greek Government armed forces is increased.  The Americans provide the Greek Air Force with ground attack planes.  The Communist Democratic of Greece moves towards the formation of a conversational army.  The abduction of children from the Greek mountain areas by both the Communist and government forces.  The murder of American journalist George Polk, his biography is given.  The Greek National Army wins an important victory in the Peloponnese against the Communists.

To be published on Saturday 19th October

George Polk


Episode 4.6 — October 7, 2019

Episode 4.6

The Guerrilla War flares up

The scale of the Greek Civil War greatly increases in 1947 compared to 1946.  The Communist Democratic Army of Greece increases in size and launches larger guerrilla attacks into Greece.  The Government’s Greek National Army fails to response effective against the Communist revolt, however American military advisers commanded by Lieutenant General Van Fleet arrive in Greece to help train and equip the Greek National Army.  King George II of Greece dies and is replaced by his brother King Paul, his biography is given.  There is tension within the Communist leadership as to whether to move from the stage of a guerrilla war to a conventional war.

To be published on Saturday 12th October

King Paul of Greece
Episode 4.5 — October 2, 2019

Episode 4.5

The Truman Doctrine

the Greek Army is poorly equipped and poorly trained to deal with the Communist revolt it needs outside help, Britain is no longer able to help.  In March 1947 President Truman in a speech to congress announces that the American Government will aid the Greek Government with funds, equipment and training but all aid would be closely monitored to ensure that funds were properly used.  A short biography of Lincoln McVeagh the American ambassador who helped persuade the American Government to help the Greek Government.  A team of American military advisers led by Lieutenant General Van Fleet is sent to Greece, they find a Greek Army in a poor state with a reluctance to go and fight the Communist guerrillas.

To be published on Saturday 5th October

Harry S Truman