Book Selection — July 29, 2016

Book Selection

Scorched Earth, Black Snow

This book by Andrew Salmon covers the battles fought by British and Australian troops in Korea during 1950.  He interviewed dozens of British and Australian veterans to write the book.  The book goes into great detail about the British and Australian troops and is a must for anyone who wishes to know more about this.  He also gives brief accounts of fighting by other nations and his quotes on the defeat of the American 2nd Division during the Second Chinese Offensive is excellent and I included it in my podcast.


Episode 48 — July 26, 2016

Episode 48

The Chinese Sixth Offensive

The final trust of the Chinese Fifth Offensive is brought to an end by Australian and Canadian troops at Kapyong.  The lack of Chinese military firepower leads them to suffer heavy losses, a review of Chinese infantry tactics.  The Chinese Sixth Offensive is planned and launched again the Chinese suffer heavy losses.  A biography of Goa Gang who was in charge of logistics within the Chinese Army in Korea.

Available on Saturday 30th July


The Korean War podcast is ten months old — July 22, 2016
Episode 47 —

Episode 47

The Chinese Fifth Offensive

Lieutenant General Van Fleet takes over the command of the Eighth Army.  The Chinese Army assemble a large force to launch their Fifth Offensive.  Again most of the South Korean Division which are attacked, are routed.  British troops fight a much large Chinese force at the Battle of the Imjin River and the Gloucestershire Battalion is destroyed.  The Chinese press forward but suffer heavy losses.  A biography of General Deng Hua, the commander of the Chinese 13th Army.

Available from Saturday 23rd July.

A map of the Chinese Offensive
A map of the Chinese Offensive
Episode 46 — July 12, 2016

Episode 46

The Sacking of Mac Arthur

General Mac Arthur writes to the Republican leader in the House of Congress opposing President Truman policy on the Korean War.  Truman decides to dismiss General Mac Arthur as the commander of American forces in the Far East.  That decision causes outrage within the United States.  Large crowds greet Mac Arthur and he makes a speech to congress attacking President Truman.  A committee of congress investigates Mac Arthur and he comes under attack from Omar Bradley the chair of the joint chiefs of staff.  A biography of Omar Bradley.

Available from Saturday 16th July.

Omar Bradley
Omar Bradley


Episode 45 — July 6, 2016

Episode 45

Seoul falls for the fourth time

After the failure of the Chinese fourth offensive, the Eighth Army advances to the north during Operation Killer and Ripper.  The United Nation forces retake the City of Seoul.  General Mac Arthur makes his ‘Die for a tie’ statement which angers President Truman.  A proposed peace offer by Truman is sabotaged by General Mac Arthur.  A biography of Major General William Hoge, the new commander of the 9th Corp.

Available from Saturday 9th July

William Hoge
William Hoge
Episode 44 — July 4, 2016

Episode 44

The Chinese Fourth Offensive

The Eighth Army advance further to the north, however the Chinese Army are planning their fourth offensive.  The South Koreans and their American allies are defeated by the Chinese at the battle of Hoengsong.  However in turn five Chinese Divisions are defeated by the American 23rd Regiment and the French battalion at the Battle of Chiptongni.  The Chinese Offensive ends in failure.  A biography of Colonel Paul Freeman.

Colonel Paul Freeman
Colonel Paul Freeman

A map of the Battle of Chipyongni

fourth offensive