Episode 53 — August 30, 2016

Episode 53

Rhee, the unfaithfully ally

Events along the front line during January and February 1952.  The retraining of the South Korean Army.  The Korean War causes inflation within South Korean, the living standards of ordinary South Koreans fall.  The repression nature of the President Rhee Government within South Korea.  Rhee is re-elected in 1952 but there is massive amounts of vote rigging.  Rhee opposes any peace deal with the Communists.  Relations between Rhee and the United States turn bad.  A biography of Tiger Kim a South Korean Police commander.

Available from Saturday 3rd September

south korea


Episode 52 — August 26, 2016

Episode 52

Prisoners of War

The fighting along the front line reduces in November and December 1951.  The United Nations Air Forces attempts to block the Communist supply lines but the effort is not entirely successful.  A biography of General Otto Weyland the commander of the United States Air Force in the Far East.  The plight of United Nations prisoners of war held by the Communist.  The high death rates among American and South Korean prisoners of war.  The cruelty of the North Korean guards.  The poor conditions suffered by the Prisoners of War, who after the war became the forgotten vicitms of a forgotten war.

Available from Saturday 27th August

General Otto Weyland
General Otto Weyland
Episode 51 — August 19, 2016

Episode 51

The Battle of Heartbreak Ridge

The American capture Bloody ridge and then move on the north to attack Heartbreak Ridge.  The battle is long and hard and the American suffer heavy losses.  1st and 9th Corp also but push slightly further but the 1st Cavalry Division suffers heavy losses too. The story of Communist prisoners of war held by the United Nations. A biography of Major General Byers the new commander of the Tenth Corp.

Major General Byers
Major General Byers
Book Selection — August 11, 2016

Book Selection

To the Last Round

This is another book by Andrew Salmon about Commonwealth troops during the Korean War.  This book deals with the Gloucestershire Regiments stand at the Battle of the Imjin River during the Chinese Fifth Offensive.  The Gloucestershire Regiment fought a brave but doomed stand which cost the Chinese Army heavy losses.  The ISBN is 9781845135331.

to the last round

Map of the Eighth Army advance back into North Korea —
Episode 50 — August 10, 2016

Episode 50


Both sides agree to peace talks but those talks quickly run into trouble.  The 8th Army launch military actions to encourage the Communist to take a more positive stance.  The peace talks drag on until September 1952 there is much abuse but little progress, the issue of the return of prisoners of war to their country even against their will bedevil the talks.  A biography of Joseph Stalin the rule of the Soviet Union who wishes to prolong the Korean War.

Available from Saturday 13th August.

Episode 49 — August 5, 2016

Episode 49


Lieutenant General Van Fleet, the commander of the Eighth Army orders an increase in the number of shells to be fired by his artillery, he intends to destroy the enemy with the use of firepower rather than expand the lives of his troops.  The Eighth Army advances and the Communist Armies fall back before them.  As the United Nations troops cross into North Korea, the Soviet Unions proposes peace talks.  A biography of Lieutenant General Van Fleet.

Available from Saturday 6th August.

Van Fleet
Van Fleet