Episode 13 — November 28, 2015

Episode 13

The Defence of the Kum River

The American defence of the south bank of the Kum River is broken though by the North Korean Army.  The planning of future reinforcements for the United Nations Army in Korea.  The poor state of some American equipment in Korea.  The improved ground attack performance of the American Air Force.  The F51 Mustang warplane.  A biography of General Walker the commander of the Eight Army.

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General Walker
General Walker
Book Selection — November 23, 2015

Book Selection

Hot Shots

Written by Jennie Chancey and William Forstchen, they interviewed American pilots who had served in the Korean War.  The pilots tell their experience of air to air combat and of ground attacks on the enemy.  It involves the story of an American pilot who was shot down and captured by the enemy and his life as a prisoner of war.  The book is published by Harper Collins.

The ISBN is 9780688164553

hot shots

Episode 12 — November 21, 2015

Episode 12

The South Korean Retreat

The South Korean Army fights to delay the North Korean Second Corp in Central and Eastern Korea.  The diet of the South Korean Soldiers.  The mass murder of South Korean Civilians by the Army and Police of both the North and South Korean Government. A biography of Kim Sok Won, the commander of the South Korean Capital Division.

The mass killings of Koreans
The mass killings of Koreans

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Book Selection — November 17, 2015

Book Selection

Korean Atrocity by Philip Chinnery

This book also deals with atrocities committed during the Korean War.  It mainly deals with the murder of prisoners of war by the North Korean Army during the war.  It also tells the story of the harsh conditions suffered by United Nations soldiers in Communist prisoners of war camp.  It also rises the question of whether all the American and British prisoners held by the communists were in fact released.

It is published by Naval Institute Press in the United States.  The ISBN is 1557504733.


Episode 11 — November 14, 2015
The first two men to walk on the moon were Korean war veterans — November 12, 2015

The first two men to walk on the moon were Korean war veterans

The first two men to walk on the moon in 1969 were veterans of the Korean War.

Neil Armstrong – served with the Fleet Air service flying F9 Panther jets.  He flew 78 missions in Korea.  In one mission his planes was hit by anti aircraft artillery fire and he was latter forced to eject.

Buzz Aldrin – Served with the Air Force in Korea.  He flew 66 missions in a F86 jet, he shot down two Mig 15 jets.


Map to help understand episode 11 to 14 — November 11, 2015

Map to help understand episode 11 to 14

The Korean War map from June to September

This map will help those following episode 11 to 14, you can click on it to enlarge it.  The map shows the position on July 15th, episode 11 and 12 start a few days earlier so the towns mentioned are to the north of the front line shown.  The map shows the front line at the start of episode 13.  Taejon heavily mentioned in episode 14 is clearly listed.


11) The American 24th Division

12) South Korean Retreat

13) The defence of the Kum River

14) The Battle of Taejon


Book Selection —

Book Selection

Brothers at War

Brothers at War by Sheila Jager deals not just with Korean War but also the tension between North and South Korea since the Korean War.  Thereby allowing the reader to understand the history of Korea to the present time.  The section of the book that deals with the Korean War includes an account of the massacres of South Korean civilians by the Army and Police of both North and South Korean which will feature in episode 12 of the podcast.  It is published by W. W. Norton of New York.

The ISBN is 978 0 595 06849 – 8


Episode 10 — November 7, 2015

Episode 10

South of the Han River

The bad state of the South Korean Army south of the Han River.  The North Korean Army crosses the river and strikes South.  The American Air Force in action.  The first American ground troops go into action. A biography of General Stratemeyer commander of the American Air Force in the far east.

General Stratemeyer
General Stratemeyer

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Book Selection — November 2, 2015

Book Selection

The Encyclopaedia  of the Korean War

Edited by Spencer Tucker

This is a three volume work, the first two lists the key people, battles, organisations, and events of the Korean War with articles informing the reader with a short but detailed account.  The third volume has in full,  important documents relating to the Korean War, Maps, Timeline and an order of battle, which I do not always agree with as sometimes the order of battle of the Communist forces at any one time is up for debate.

It is published by ABC-Clio of Santa Barbara, California.  The ISBN number is 1-57607-029-8.