Episode 5.26 Suez Crisis 4 — February 23, 2021

Episode 5.26 Suez Crisis 4


The British, French and Israeli Governments work secretly to provoke a military conflict.  The details are worked out at a meeting held in the French town of Sevres.  The Israeli Army would invade the Sinai then the British and French Government would demand that both sides withdraw from the Suez Canal and when the Egyptian Government, the British and French armies would invade the Suez Canal Zone.  A biography of British Foreign Secretary John Selwyn Lloyd.

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John Selwyn Lloyd
Episode 5.35 Suez Crisis 3 — February 17, 2021

Episode 5.35 Suez Crisis 3


In 1956 Egyptian President Nasser announces the Egyptian Government will nationalise the Suez Canal although this was counter to what the Egyptian and British Government had agreed in their 1954 agreement.  There was broad dismay among British Members of Parliament both Conservative and Labour.  British Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden plans with the French Government to take military action against the Egyptian Government, possible military operations are discussed.  A biography of the French Prime Minister Guy Mollet who along with Eden takes a very hostile position towards Nasser.

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Guy Mollet
Episode 5.24 Suez Crisis 2 — February 8, 2021

Episode 5.24 Suez Crisis 2


After the overthrow of Egyptian King Fakour, Nasser emerges as the most important member of the new Egyptian Government, his biography is given.  While at first the American Government tried to establish friendly relations with Nasser, he increasingly becomes allied with the Soviet Union, who supply Egypt with weapons.  In 1954 the British and Egyptian Governments reaches an agreement for the British military to leave the Suez Canal Zone.  Nasser aids Palestine guerrillas in making raids into Israel and the Israeli army undertake counter raids into Egypt.

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Episode 5.23 Suez Crisis 1 — February 1, 2021

Episode 5.23 Suez Crisis 1

The Suez Canal

The Suez Canal opened in 1869, providing a quicker route for shipping from Europe to Asia, this was of especial use to Britain, whose Government brought shares in the Suez Canal Company and latter occupied Egypt.  After the Second World War, Britain retained a large military garrison in Suez Zone.  King Fakour of Egypt organised a nationalist campaign to force the British out of the Canal Zone, leading to fighting between British troops and Egyptian Police.  A biography of Sir Anthony Eden who was the British Prime Minister in 1956.

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Sir Anthony Eden