Episode 4.1 — August 20, 2019

Episode 4.1

The Battle of Athens part one

During the Axis occupation between 1941 and 1944, the Communist backed ELAS resistance forces become the most powerful of the Greece resistance groups.  Following the withdrawal of the German Army in the autumn of 1944 from Greece, the Communists seize control of most Greek towns.  British Prime Minister Winston Churchill orders British troops to occupy Athens in support of the returning Greek Government in exile led by Prime Minister George Papandrou, a biography of the Greek Prime Minister.  The Greek Government and the commander of the British Army in Athens orders the Communist to disarm.  A massive left wing protest in Athens is fired upon by the Police.  A Communist uprising captures most of Athens, they fight the British Army for full control of the City and the British Army is forced into a small area in the centre of the City.

To be published on Saturday 7th September.

George Papandreou
Greece —


Greece is 70% mountainous and 20% of the land mass is on the islands of Greece.  The Greek Civil War which took place between 1946 and 1949, battle were fought though out the country however the largest and most important took place in the North near to the border with Communist states of Albania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.