Episode 6.18 (Vietnam 1955- 1965) — December 29, 2021

Episode 6.18 (Vietnam 1955- 1965)

Battle of Ia Drang Valley

In a major battle in the Ia Drang Valley troops from the American 1st Cavalry Division fight with regular North Vietnamese troops in a fierce contest of arms mainly around two sites, landing zone X-Ray and landing zone Albany. A biography of Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore, the commander of American troops at landing zone X-Ray.

To be published on Saturday 1st January

Episode 6.17 (Vietnam 1955- 1965) — December 21, 2021

Episode 6.17 (Vietnam 1955- 1965)

Search and destroy

In September and October 1965, the level of American military operations steps up in level in South Vietnam with several sweeps into Viet Cong held countryside. The American Marines again try to destroy the Viet Cong First regiment but the Viet Cong evade the Marine sweep. A look at the Australian and New Zealand ground effort in South Vietnam in 1965.

To be published on Saturday 25th December

Episode 6.16 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965) — December 13, 2021

Episode 6.16 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965)

Operation Starlite

Military operations in South Vietnam up to the end of August 1965, most of the fighting is carried out by the South Vietnamese Army often with disappointing results. The American Army begins to carry out search and destroy operations to hunt and kill the Viet Cong. In Operation Starlite in the north of the country, American Marines try to attack the Viet Cong 1st Regiment.

To be published on Saturday 18th December

Episode 6.15 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965) — December 6, 2021

Episode 6.15 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965)

Communist forces

In this episode, I deal with the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army operating in South Vietnam. Tactics such as ambushes and the laying of bobby traps are discussed. The AK47 gun is compared to the American M14 rifle,. The AK47 proves to be a better weapon in the heat and dirt of the jungles of South Vietnam.

To be published on Saturday 11th December

Episode 6.14 — December 3, 2021

Episode 6.14

American Army in South Vietnam

A look at the organisation of the American Army in South Vietnam in 1965. Also the some of the weapons of the American Army at the time. A look at the Bell Huey helicopter. A biography of the American Army chief of staff General Harold Johnson. Th American enjoyed great superior in terms of firepower but this could be misused against civilians.

To be released on Saturday 4th December