Episode 6.5 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965) — September 28, 2021

Episode 6.5 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965)

Buddhist protests

The war in the countryside against the Viet Cong is not going well for the South Vietnamese Government in 1963. Then the unpopular nature of the Diem regime is shown in protests in cities and towns of the country by the majority Buddhist community against the more favourable treatment offered by the Government to the Catholics. Protests include monks burning themselves alive. A biography of the new American ambassador to South Vietnam, Henry Cabot Lodge.

To be published on Saturday 2nd October

Episode 6.4 Vietnam 1955 – 1965 — September 23, 2021

Episode 6.4 Vietnam 1955 – 1965

Battle of Ap Bac

Events in South Vietnam and Laos in 1962 and the first week of 1963. General Harkins becomes the commander of the American military in South Vietnam, its headquarters is commonly referred to as MACV. A biography of General Harkins is given. In the first week of 1963 the Viet Cong repulses an attack by the ARVIN near the village of Ap Bac, five American helicopters are destroyed. The story of the Civil War in Laos in 1962.

Episode 6.3 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965) — September 15, 2021

Episode 6.3 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965)

Kennedy and Vietnam

Events in South Vietnam and Laos in 1961. A biography of American President Kennedy who comes into office in 1961. He would greatly expand the level of American military support for the Government of South Vietnam, the number of American military servicemen in the country would increase to sixteen thousand, many of them were in combat support roles. Also the story of the development of the Ho Chin Minh trail which would be used to transfer men and weapons from North Vietnam to the South.

To be published on Saturday 18th September.

Episode 6.2 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965) — September 6, 2021

Episode 6.2 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965)

Viet Cong

Events in South Vietnam in 1959 and 1960. In 1959 the Communist form the National Liberation Front to led the resistance to Diem regime in South Vietnam. With arms and support now coming from the North Vietnamese Government, the Viet Cong revolt in the South grows. Corruption with the South Vietnam Government extends to the President.s brother. The first army coup against takes place. Events in Laos up to 1960 as a civil war breaks out.

To be published on Saturday 11th September