Episode 4.25 Hungarian Revolution 9 — February 24, 2020

Episode 4.25 Hungarian Revolution 9


The Soviet imposed Hungarian Communist regime of Kadar takes revenge upon the supporters of the Hungarian Revolution.  Thousands are imprisoned, some for many years, hundreds are hanged.  Two hundred thousand Hungarian flee the country for the west.  Imre Nagy, the Hungarian Prime Minister during the revolution seeks the protection of the Yugoslavia embassy in Budapest but he is latter arrested.  Imre Nagy, Pal Meleter and Milkos Gimes, a journalist are hanged in 1958.

To be published on Saturday 29th February

Episode 4.24 Hungarian Revolution 8 — February 17, 2020

Episode 4.24 Hungarian Revolution 8


On Sunday November 4th 1956, the Soviet Army with an overwhelming number of tanks and troops invades Budapest to crush the Hungarian Revolution.  Fierce fighting takes place for several days but the battle is one sided given the power of the Soviet Army.  Hungarian prime minister Imre Nagy seeks refuge in the Yugoslavian embassy in Budapest.  A biography of General Bela Kiraly, commander of the Hungarian National Guard in Budapest.

To be published on Saturday 22nd February

Bela Kiraly
Episode 4.23 Hungarian Revolution 7 — February 8, 2020

Episode 4.23 Hungarian Revolution 7


The events of November 1st to November 3rd.  The Soviet Army reinforces its troops and tanks in Hungary and prepares to assault Budapest and crush the Hungarian Revolution.  The Soviet Ambassador lies to Imre Nagy and the Hungarian Government about Soviet plans.  Leader of the Hungarian Communist Party Janos Kadar flies to Russia to offer his services to the Soviet Government, who choose him to the new puppet leader of Hungary, his biography.

To be published on Saturday 15th February

Janos kadar
Episode 4.22 Hungarian Revolution 6 — February 2, 2020

Episode 4.22 Hungarian Revolution 6


The events of October 30th and 31st 1956.  The revenge killing of AVH secret policeman carries on in Hungary.  The Soviet leadership at first agree to withdraw their troops and tanks from Budapest but the next day after pressure from the lower ranks of the Communist leadership, the decision is reversed.  The Soviet Army is ordered to crush the Hungary Revolution.  A biography of Soviet leader Khrushchev.

To be published on Saturday 8th February