Episode 7.9 — October 25, 2022

Episode 7.9

China and the Korean War

In this episode I give an overview of the Chinese military intervention in the Korean War, their early success in pushing back the American Eighth Army but then being later brough to a halt. The Korean War taught the Chinese military a number of lessons, the need for reliable logistics and the need to build tunnels to protect them from superior American fire power. The Korean War proved that China was now a superpower.

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Episode 7.8 — October 17, 2022

Episode 7.8

Tibetan Uprising

The Chinese Communists increase their control over Tibet, much to the growing anger of many people in Tibet. This would lead to the Tibetan uprising in 1959, in which over eighty thousand people died as the People’s Liberation Army crush Tibetan resistance. The Dalai Lama would flee Tibet and go into exile in India, along with many other Tibetan refugees. A biography of the Dalai Lama.is given. Also a biography of the Chinese ally Ngapoi is given up to his death at the age of 99,

Episode 7.7 Chinese Civil War — October 12, 2022

Episode 7.7 Chinese Civil War

The Chinese occupation of Tibet

In the final stage of the Chinese Civil War, the Communists wanted to occupy Tibet, which they saw as part of China. Tibet had largely been self-governing and talks between the Tibetan and Chinese Government failed to reach a settlement. The Communist People’s Liberation Army crossed the border into Tibet and defeated the Tibetan Army which was under the command of Ngapoi, his biography is given, as he would become an ally of the Chinese Communists who occupied Tibet, his photograph is shown below.

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