Episode 43 — June 22, 2016

Episode 43

Seoul falls for the Third Time

General Ridgeway orders the 1st and 9th Corp to abandon Seoul, the capital of South Korea which falls to the Chinese Army.  The Eighth Army retreats to the south.  The American destroy the port of Inchon and the Kimpo airfield.  The Chinese Army does not fully follow the Eighth Army all the way to the South and the Eighth Army retake ground.  The American win the second battle of Wonju and retake the city.  A biography of Major General Bryand Moore the new commander of the 9th Corp.

Available from Saturday 25th June

Bryant Moore
Bryant Moore
Episode 42 — June 15, 2016

Episode 42

The Third Chinese Offensive

The Chinese Army launch their third offensive.  The South Korean Army is routed.  General Ridgeway the commander of the Eighth Army is forced to order the 1st and 9th Corp to retreat into a bridgehead around Seoul.  The American 2nd Division fights the North Korean 5th Corp in the First Battle of Wonju.  A biography of the commander of the American 2nd Division Major General McClure.

Available from Saturday 18th June.

Robert McClure
Robert McClure
Episode 41 —

Episode 41

America’s longest retreat

After the Chinese Second Offensive General Walker orders the Eighth Army to retreat from North Korea.  Morale within the Eighth Army drops sharply.  General Walker is killed in a road traffic accident.  General Ridgeway is ordered to take command of the Eighth Army.  A biography of General Matt Ridgeway.


The Third Chinese Offensive Map —
America’s longest retreat — June 6, 2016
Book Selection —

Book Selection

Ebb and Flow

This book by Billy Mossman cover the period from November 1950 to July 1951 and seen be viewed free on line on the US Army centre of military history web site.  It gives a detailed account of how the American Army reacted to the Chinese Army attacks at first with panic but later learned how to deal with them.  The ISBN number is 1410224708.

ebb and flow

The Korean War podcast is nine months old — June 2, 2016

The Korean War podcast is nine months old

During June, the podcast is which is already pre loaded for publication will finish off the story of the Chinese Second Offensive and then tell of the longest military retreat in American military history including the telling of the Chinese Third Offensive.

In the second to last episode of the Korean War podcast, in December, there will be a question and answer session.  So you can take part in the podcast series by sending a question about the Korean War which I will attempt to answer.  Details of how you can do so will be told next month on this website.  So start thinking of a good question.

May was the best ever month for downloads, so please tell your friends about the Korean War podcast, I continue to get new people downloading the series.


Episode 40 —

Episode 40

The Marine fight for survival

The American 1st Marine Division is attacked by the Chinese 9th Army but the Marine commander Major General Smith is prepared for the attack.  In some of the coldest weather in military history, the Marines although greatly outnumber, fight off the Chinese and break out to the South.  The 10th Corp is taken out of North East Korea by ship.  A biography of General Song the commander of the Chinese 9th Army.

This episode will be released on Saturday 4th June.