Episode 7.18 — December 28, 2022

Episode 7.18

Cold War in Asia 1945 – 1965

In this episode I deal with the effects of the Chinese Civil War, Korean War, First Indochina, Malaya Emergency and others wars upon the balance of power in the Cold War in Asia between 1945 and 1965.

To be published on Saturday 7th January

Episode 7.17 — December 19, 2022

Episode 7.17

Second Indo – Pakistan War

General Khan, picture below, had become the military ruler in Pakistan but faced political discontent with his rule. In 1965, he chose to reinforce his rule by starting a war with India, it started in Kashmir but spread along the border between West Pakistan and India. The war was a draw and international pressure brought it to an end.

To be published on Saturday December 24th

Episode 7.16 — December 12, 2022

Episode 7.16

Sino – Indian War part two

This episode deals with the fighting in Aksai Chin in Eastern Kashmir, which was captured by the Chinese.. The war ended in November 1962 and had been a Chinese victory. The health of Prime Minister Nehru declines and he dies in 1964. The dispute between China and India carried on until our own time.

Episode 7.15 — December 5, 2022

Episode 7.15

Sino – Indian War part one

During the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962, growing tensions between China and India led to a border war between the two countries. The first episode deals with the conflict in the North East Frontier Area. A biography of Indian Defence Minister V.K.K. Memon who would be forced to resign.

To be published on Saturday 10th December