Episode 6.9 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965) — October 26, 2021

Episode 6.9 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965)

The Gulf of Tonkin indecent

Three North Vietnamese torpedo boats attack a United States Destroyer off the coast of North Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin. However it a second attack which in fact did not take place which led President Johnson to ask Congress to agree to the Gulf of Tonkin allowing the American President to take any military action in Vietnam. A biography of President Johnson.

To be published on Saturday 30th October

Episode 6.8 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965) — October 18, 2021

Episode 6.8 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965)

Lies and Statics

While Viet Cong pressure grows in the countryside of South Vietnam, the data coming from the American Army command in the country is far more hopefully. However that is because it tampered with to look better such as the body count of dead Viet Cong. Much of the pressure for production of so much data comes from the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, his biography is given and is pictured below.

To be published on Saturday 23rd October

Episode 6.7 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965) — October 11, 2021

Episode 6.7 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965)


Following the overthrown of Diem in a coup in November 1963, there is a period of chaos in the Government of South Vietnam as the General fight among each other for power. The American Government becomes disappointed with the performance of the Government and support a second coup within just a few months. A biography of one of the military strong men in the country, General Khahn. President Kennedy is killed and replaced by President Johnson..

To be published on Saturday 16th October

Episode 6.6 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965) — October 8, 2021

Episode 6.6 (Vietnam 1955 – 1965)

Murder of Diem

After much debate within the American Government, the Kennedy agrees to the request of American ambassador to South Vietnam Henry Cabot Lodge to support the overthrown of Diem, the President of South Vietnam. Lodge arranges to gather support for a coup among the ARVIN Generals. However the coup leader would not only overthrown but also kill him and his brother. Diem is shot in the back of a armoured personnel carrier.

To be published on Saturday 9th October