Episode 65 — November 22, 2016

Episode 65


The final day of the Korean War arrives and an armistice agreement is signed at Panmunjon between Nam Il and Harrison.  Twelve hours latter all fighting ends, the two sides begin to withdraw two kilometres back from the front line.  The exchange of prisoners of war begins at Panmunjon called operation Big Switch.  A review of the performance of Generals Maxwell Taylor, Mark Clark and Peng.  Which nations gained and lost from the Korean War.


Episode 64 — November 18, 2016

Episode 64

The Chinese Summer Offensive

The peace talks began to make real progress at Panmunjon but the Communist are keen to drag out the talks until they can carry out a successful summer offensive against the South Korean Army in July 1953.  That offensive over, both sides get down to arrange the final details of the armistice.  A biography of General William Harrison, the head of the United Nations delegation at the Panmunjon peace talks.

Available from Saturday 19th November


Episode 63 — November 8, 2016

Episode 63

The Great Escape

Fighting along the front line in June 1953.  The South Korean President Syngham Rhee continues to try to stop a cease fire agreement between the United Nations and Communist armies.  He orders South Korean prison guards to allow those North Korean soldiers who do not wish to return to North Korea, to escape.  A biography of the South Korean Minster of National Security who planned the escape.

Available from Saturday 12th November

Syngman Rhee
Syngman Rhee