The Titoist schism

In 1948 there was a spilt in relations between Tito and his Yugoslavian Communist Government and Stalin and the Soviets.  The rest of the international Communist movement remained loyal to Stalin including the Greek Communist Party which carries out a purge of Titoists within the movement.  The Yugoslavian Government had been the many suppliers of weapons and supplies to the Communist Democratic Army of Greece but in July 1949 due to the opposition of the Greek Communist Party, Tito has the border closed to the Greek Communist forces, their base camps in the country are closed down and four thousand Greek Communist fighters are disarmed and interned.  This is a major blow to the Democratic Army of Greece.  A biography of Yugoslav leader Tito and the reasons fro his spilt with Stalin.  The Military campaign in Northern Greece in the summer of 1949.

To be published on Saturday 2nd November

Marshall Tito