The number of downloads continues to grow in October it outnumbered those in September by more than three times and November the number of downloads out numbered those in October by three times too.  So a big welcome to the many new listeners.  In terms of countries where the most listeners come from the United States is first but now Canada is second and the United Kingdom is third.  However there are listeners in every part of the world.

I will be creating a new section on this website dealing with Korean War weapons this month.

The episode for the rest of December have already being download to Libsyn for release they are;

Episode 15 The whole left flank is wide open released on December 12th

Episode 16 American Reinforcements released on December 19th

Episode 17 The Battle of Andong released on December 26th

Episode 18 Stand or Die released on January 2nd

Episode 19 The War in the air and at Sea released on January 9th

Episode 20 the Pusan Perimeter released on January 16th.

Map to help listeners with episode 15 to 18

The fighting between the Battle of Taejon and the Battle of the Pusan perimeter is in most history books the forgotten period of a forgotten war.  I can find no military maps showing the overall military position at this time.  So all I can offer is a sketch map which at least does list all the towns mentioned in these episodes.

South East Korea
South East Korea

Over the Christmas and New Year break I hope to bring out many more posts.  If you have any questions on the Korean War please use this website to ask them and I will try to reply.

Happy Christmas and good new year.