When the Cold War got hot — June 22, 2021

When the Cold War got hot

Season Six coming shortly

From September 2021, the sixth season will begin, with a twenty part history of Vietnam between 1955 and 1965, how and why the Americans began involved in a ground war in Vietnam which many within the American Government doubted they could win.

This is a podcast series on the wars involved in the Cold War between 1945 and 1965. Unlike other Cold War podcasts this is mainly a military history podcasts rather than a political history. Each episode is twenty minutes long.

Season One

This was a sixty-eight-episode military history series on the Korean War, giving the background to war, the North Korean invasion of South Korean. The United Nations defence of the Pusan perimeter and the Inchon invasion. The Chinese intervention into the war and the stalemate of the last two years of the war.

Season Two

This was a twenty-part episode on the First Indochina War between the Communist Viet Minh fighting the French Army for independence for Vietnam. The war ending in the French Army defeat at the battle of Dien Bien Phu.

Season Three

A ten-part episode on the Malay emergency as Communist guerrillas fought the British Army in Malaya. This was followed by a four-part series on the Indonesia Confrontation when Indonesia tried to invade North Borneo.  A final episode deals with the Communist revolts in the Philippines and Burma.

Season Four

Season Four deals with the Cold War with a ten-part episode on the Greek Civil War and a ten-part series on the Hungarian Revolution. There were two episodes on the Trieste crisis and single episode on the communist take over of East Europe, the Berlin airlift, the attempt to overthrown of the Albanian Communist Government and the East Germen People Revolt.

Season Five

Season Five starts in September 2020 and will deal with the First Arab-Israel War, the Algerian War of Independence, the Suez crisis of 1956 and well as single episodes on the Mau Mau revolt in Kenya, events in Iran in 1953, the Congo crisis and the North Yemeni civil War.

Episode 5.35 — April 29, 2021

Episode 5.35

Civil War in North Yemen

In this final episode of the season, I will deal with the civil war in North Yemen and the final years of President Nasser. Following an anti royalist coup in North Yemen President Nasser would sent Egyptian soldier to fight on the republican side in a guerrilla war against Royalist forces. The War becomes bogged down into a statement. In the last years before his death, Nasser loses his former popular status in the Arab World due to the Civil War in North Yemen and the defeat by Israel in the six days war.


Episode 5.34 — April 28, 2021

Episode 5.34

Congo 1960 – 1965

The story of the first phase of civil wars that would blight Congo. After Belgium gives the Congo independence in 1960, the country falls into chaos, with parts of the country trying to break away. The United States and the Soviet Union back different factions between the war in Congo. A biography of Mobutu who eventually gained total power in the Congo in 1965.

Episode 5.32 Cyprus, Oman and Aden — April 27, 2021

Episode 5.32 Cyprus, Oman and Aden

Cyprus, Oman and Aden

The British Army faces three guerrilla war in the region. In Cyprus EOKA guerrilla launch a terrorist campaign killing British servicemen, in order to obtain union between Cyprus and Greece. A biography of Sir John Harding the British Governor of Cyprus. In Oman British troops fight along side the forces of the sultan of Muscat against pro Nasser guerrillas. In Aden too the British Army fight a terrorist campaign launched by pro Nasser guerrillas.

Episode 5.32 Suez Crisis 10 — April 8, 2021
Episode 5.31 Suez Crisis 9 — March 29, 2021

Episode 5.31 Suez Crisis 9


After the American Government causes a run on the Pound in the international money markets, Sir Anthony Eden agrees to a cease fire along Suez Canal.  British and French troops are withdrawn from Egypt and replaced by United Nations Peace Keeping force, Canadian Prime Lester Pearson helped plan this, his biography is given.  As a result of the Suez Crisis, Britain and France lose influence in the region.  Sir Anthony Eden is forced to resign as British Prime Minister.

To be published on Saturday 3rd April

Lester Pearson
Episode 5.30 Suez Crisis 8 — March 25, 2021

Episode 5.30 Suez Crisis 8

The Anglo – French Invasion of Port Said

British and French para-troops are landed around the Egyptian City of Port Said at the northern end of the Suez Canal.  The next day British Royal Marines are also landed on the seafront of the City.  This is the first time helicopters are used in a seaborne invasion.  While the Egyptian troops put up a strong defence the British and French troops gain control of most of the City.  A biography of the deputy commander of the task force French General Beaufre.  While British troops advance down the causeway to the mainland, Prime Minister Anthony Eden declares a cease fire.

To be published on Saturday 27th March

General Beaufre


Episode 5.29 Suez Crisis 7 — March 15, 2021

Episode 5.29 Suez Crisis 7

Anglo – French Air Campaign

The Egyptian Government rejects the demands from the British and French Governments to withdrew Egyptian troops away from the Suez Canal Zone.  The French and Royal Air Force begin an air campaign against the Egyptian Armed Forces, destroying the Egyptian Air Force in the process.  A biography of the commander of the Anglo – French Task Force, General Stockwell.

To be published on Saturday 20th March

General Stockwell




Episode 5.28 Suez Crisis — March 8, 2021

Episode 5.28 Suez Crisis

Second Arab – Israeli War

As part of the agreement between the British, French and Israeli Governments, the Israeli Army invades the Sinai and Gaza, para-troops are dropped into the Western Sinai to provoke the agreed Anglo – French demands that both Egypt and Israel put back from the Suez Canal Zone.  A biography of Ariel Sharron, the Israeli para-troop commander.  The Israeli Army wins control of the Sinai and Gaza defeating the Egyptian Army which withdraws from the Sinai.

To be published on Saturday 13th March

Ariel Sharron

Episode 5.27 Suez Crisis 5 — March 1, 2021

Episode 5.27 Suez Crisis 5

Britain – A Nation Divided

As the Suez Crisis after months of tension comes to a head, the British public are sharply divided both for and against military action.  The British Labour Party speak in opposition to any such action, a biography of its leader Hugh Gatiskell is given.  the Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden goes on the television to defend the action part of the speech is included.

To be published on Saturday 6th March

Hugh Gaitskell