Episode 3.10 — October 29, 2018

Episode 3.10

Beating the Communists twice

Malaysia gains its independence in 1957 and by 1960 the emergency is over the Communists having crushed by the Commonwealth forces.  A biography of Henry Lee a leading member of the ethnic Chinese community and Government minster.  Why the reason for the victory in Malaya did not apply to the Vietnam War a few years latter.  A second Communist insurgency begin in 1968 but in time that too was defeated.

To be published on Saturday 3rd November

Henry Lee


Episode 3.9 — October 24, 2018

Episode 3.9

Low Tide

The Malay Communist continue to lose strength, under attack by the British Army and Malay Police.  A detailed example of one British Army operation.  Elections are held for a federal assembly, which is won by the Alliance led by Tunku, a biography of him.  Peace talks between the Communists and the newly elected Malay Government fail.  A history of Singapore during the emergency.

To be published on Saturday 27th October



Episode 3.8 — October 19, 2018

Episode 3.8

The ebbing tide

The British Army and Malay Police are increasingly successful in their fight against the Communists in Malaya.  The scale of Communist terrorist attacks decline sharply, some Communist guerrillas give themselves up but they are still not beaten yet.  General Templer returns back to Britain and is replaced as Director of Operations by Lieutenant General Bourne, a biography of him.  The use of helicopters by the British Army during the Malay Emergency.

To be published on Saturday 20th October.

Lieutenant General Bourne


Episode 3.7 — October 8, 2018

Episode 3.7

The turn of the tide

General Gerald Templer is appointed High Commission for Malaya and Director of military operations.  He uses both post to ensure better cooperation between the Army, Police and Civil Service, firing everyone who seen as blocking it, a biography of him.  British Intelligence services is greatly improved, cash rewards for information are given out, with that better intelligence, the performance of the British Army greatly improves.  The level of Communist terrorism is reduced in Malaya.

To be published on Saturday 13th October

Gerald Templer
Episode 3.6 — October 2, 2018

Episode 3.6

The Communist High Tide

The life and death of the British High Commission in Malaya, Sir Henry Gurney who is killed in a Communist ambush.  The Communist terrorism campaign grows in power thought out the country as British Military operations fail to destroy the Communist guerrillas.  Sir Harold Briggs sets down as Director of Operations due to ill health.  A new British Government demands changes to the way the war is to be fought.

To be published on Saturday 6th October

Sir Henry Gurney
Episode 3.5 — September 24, 2018

Episode 3.5

The Briggs Plan

The military campaign in 1950 in Malaya.  A look at the Communist tactics against British Army patrols and what life was like in a Communist camp.  Sir Harold Briggs arrives in Britain to become the Director of Operations he creates a plan to improve relation between the Army, the Police and the civil service.  The Chinese squatter population are to be forced into so called ‘new villages’ to stop the flow of suppliers to the Communist guerrillas.  A biography of Sir Harold Briggs.

To be published on Saturday 29th September

Sir Harold Briggs


Episode 3.4 — September 14, 2018

Episode 3.4

The Rising Tide

The war in Malaya between the British Army and the Communists in 1949. The growing level of Communist terrorist activity.  The British Colonial Government recruits ethnic Malays to fight the mainly ethnic Chinese Communist forces.  A biography of Chin Peng the leader of the Malayan Communist Party.

To be published on Saturday 22nd September

Chin Peng
Episode 3.3 — September 8, 2018

Episode 3.3

War by another name

The war in Malaya between the British Army and the Communists begins in June 1948 with the killing of three British rubber planters.  The British killed the military commander of the Communist forces.  The Communist establish areas of control within the jungle highland with the support of the ethnic Chinese squatter population.  A Biography of the British High Commission from 1946 to 1948 Sir Edward Gent.

To be published on Saturday 15th September

Sir Edward Gent
Episode 3.2 — September 3, 2018

Episode 3.2

Malaya Communists and British blunders

The Communist Malay People’s Anti Japanese Army fight a guerrilla war against the Japanese occupation and are armed by the British.  In 1945 British troops reoccupy Malaya but their policy of the issue of citizenship manages to alienate each of the ethnic groups in Malaya.  A biography of Lai Teck Communist leader during the Second World War.

To be published on Saturday 8th September

Episode 3.1 — August 24, 2018

Episode 3.1

The Fall of Malaya 1942

A short history of the growing British economic and political power in Malaya during the 18th, 19th and early 20th Century.  The large scale immigration of Chinese and Indians to work in British owned tin mines and rubber plantations.  The defeat of the British Army by the Japanese Empire in 1942.  The Japanese occupation of Malaya between 1942 and 1945 with its brutal repression of the ethnic Chinese population.  A biography of Lieutenant General Arthur Percival, the commander of the British Army in Malaya in 1941.

To be published on September 1st.

Arthur Percival