Episode 2.11 — December 27, 2017

Episode 2.11

The Battle of Hoa Binh

The French Army seize the town of Hoa Binh but the Viet Minh try to cut the supply routes to the town forcing the French Army to withdraw from the town.  The death of General De Lattre.  A biography of General Chanson, the commander of the French Army in South Vietnam who is killed by a suicide bomber.  Fear of an involvement in Indochina by the Chinese Army.

To be published on Saturday 30th December.

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Episode 2.10 — December 18, 2017

Episode 2.10

The Battle for the Red River Delta

General Giap decides to defeat the French Army in a conversational battle within the Red River Delta.  However his three offensive in January, March and May 1951 are all defeat by the French Army  and its new commander General De Lattre.  The General orders the building a fortified line around Hanoi and the Red River Delta.  A biography of the General.

To be published on Saturday 23rd December.

General De Lattre
Episode 2.9 —

Episode 2.9

Debacle along Highway Four

There is a lack of proper coordination between the French Army in Indochina and the American Military Mission in Saigon.  An account a  guerrilla camp in outside of Saigon.  The French Army is beaten by the Viet Minh along Highway Four near to the border with China.  The French Army retreat to Hanoi and the Red River Delta.  A biography of General Carpentier the French Army commander in Indochina.

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Episode 2.8 — December 4, 2017

Episode 2.8

The Proxy War

As a result of the victory of the Communist in the Chinese Civil War, the border is opened for the supply of heavy weapons to the Viet Minh.  The Viet Minh set up training schools in southern China to give advanced training to their troops.  The United States Government agrees to supply weapons and equipment the French Army and Air force in Indochina.  A biography of the American Secretary of State Dean Acheson.

To be published on Saturday 9th December.

Episode 2.7 — December 1, 2017

Episode 2.7

The Return of the Emperor

The French Army can not seem to win the war and it is costing the French Nation heavily in both blood and money.  At last the French Government agrees to grant a nominal form of independence to a Government in Vietnam under the leadership of the former emperor.  There is heavy fighting along highway four close to the border with China.  The different types of Viet Minh soldiers, the regulars, the regionals and the village militia.  A biography of a Viet Minh battalion commander.

It will be published on Saturday 2nd Dece4mber, I am sorry for some the technical problem there have been as to the downloads this has now been resolved.

Episode 2.6 —

Episode 2.6

The Dirty War

The war drags on with outrages committed by both sides, in France, the conflict becomes know as the Dirty War.  The Viet Minh successfully fight a guerrilla war under the commander of General Giap, biography of the General.  Attempts by the French Governor to form a Government in Vietnam fails.

General Giap
Episode 2.5 — November 24, 2017

Episode 2.5

1947 a year of frustration

The different types of troops within the French Army, the Colonial Infantry, the Foreign Legion, North African and Indochinese soldiers.  A biography of the new French Governor in Indochina Emile Bollaert who tries to grant limited independence for Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam within the French Union.  Yet his plans for a peace deal with the Democratic Republic of Vietnam are prevented by the French Government who do not want to see a break up of its empire in Indochina.

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Emile Bollaert


Episode 2.4 — November 21, 2017

Episode 2.4

The War in the North

The French military stage a coup to seize control of North Vietnam.  In Haipong with naval support take over the port.  The French Army win the battle for control of Hanoi,  The Viet Minh withdraw into countryside and avoid an open battle with the French Army.  The position of the International Communist Movement towards Vietnam.  A biography of the leader of the French Communist Party and strong opponent of the War in Indochina, Maurice Thorez

Maurice Thorez


Episode 2.3 — November 14, 2017

Episode 2.3

The March Agreement

The French Army commander General Leclerc reaches a peace deal with the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, allowing Ho Chi Minh to run the domestic affairs of North Vietnam but allows the French Army to return to its former bases.  However General Leclerc is replaced by General Valluy who plans for a French military take over of North Vietnam, a biography of General Valluy.  The Geography of Vietnam.  Anti imperialism within the American press and public.



Episode 2.2 — November 6, 2017

Episode 2.2

The August Revolution

In August the Japanese Empire surrenders.  In Indochina, Nationalist seize the cities, in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh declares the independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.  In North Vietnam the Chinese Nationalist Army accepts the surrender of the Japanese Army but allow Ho Chi Minh Government to manage the internals of North Vietnam.  In South Vietnam the British Army helps the French regain control, the Viet Minh suffer heavy defeats.  A short biography of the last Vietnamese emperor Bao Dai, who will later play a further role in the First Indochina War.

To be released on Saturday 11th November.

Bao Dai