Episode 5.5 First Arab – Israeli War 4 — September 28, 2020

Episode 5.5 First Arab – Israeli War 4

The Arab Invasion

The story of the Syrian invasion into Galilee which was repulsed by Israeli forces commander by Moshe Dayan, his biography is given.  The story of the Egyptian invasion along the coast which reached to within thirty kilometres of Tel Avia before it was halted.  The reason why Stalin and the Soviet Union support the creation of the state of Israel and vital the supply of arms from Communist Czechoslovakia was to the survival of Israel.

To be published on Saturday 3rd October

Moshe Dayan
Episode 5.4 The First Arab – Israeli War 3 — September 21, 2020

Episode 5.4 The First Arab – Israeli War 3

The Arab Armies

A review of the Arab armies that would invade Israel in May 1948.  With the expect for Jordan, the armies of Egypt, Syria and Lebanon were in no way prepared for a modern conversational war in Palestine, there more like national constabularies designed to combat civilian riots and internal revolts.  The Arab Legion of Jordan was indeed a modern professional army, a biography of Glubb Pasha the British commander of the Arab Legion.  In the coming war the Israeli Army was not outnumbered by the Arab armies they would face.

To be published on Saturday 26th September.

General Glubb Pasha
Episode 5.3 The First Arab – Israeli War 2 —

Episode 5.3 The First Arab – Israeli War 2

Civil War in Palestine

In the early months of 1948 before the end of British Mandate in Palestine despite the presence of a hundred thousand British troops, Palestine was torn apart by inter communal fighting between Jews and Arabs.  Jewish military forces captured several Cites such as Haifa, Jaffa and Acre, Arab refugees flee Palestine the vast majority were never able to return.  A biography of king Abdullah of Jordan, his war aims would be different from the other Arab states, he did not want an independent Palestine state but Jordan annexing the West Bank instead.

King Abduallah
Episode 5.2 First Arab – Israeli War 1 — September 7, 2020

Episode 5.2 First Arab – Israeli War 1

The British mandate

In this first episode of a ten part series on the First Arab – Israeli War, I will deal with the British mandate in Palestine, starting with the British occupation in 1917, the British Government promise to create a Jewish state made during the First World War, the increased level of Jewish immigration into Palestine, the Arab revolt (1936 to 1939), the troubled history of Palestine after the Second World War.  The decision by the United Nations to create two states in Palestine, a Jewish and Arab state.  A biography of Jewish leader David Ben Gurion.

David Ben Gurion
First Arab – Israeli War — September 2, 2020

First Arab – Israeli War

Starting from Saturday 12th September, I will be beginning a ten part series on the First Arab – Israeli War (1948 – 1949).  This will focus on the military history of the war rather the moral rights or wrongs of the Middle East conflict.  The series will begin will the start of the British occupation of Palestine in 1917, take in the Arab Revolt (1936-1939), the troubled history of Palestine after the Second World War.  The decision of the United Nations to divide Palestine into two states.  The Civil War which engulfed Palestine in the early months of 1948.  The declaration of the state of Israel, the Arab invasion of Israel and the course of the war.  I shall also discuss the outcome of the war, and finish with the overthrown of King Fakour of Egypt.

The proposed United Nation division of Palestine


The Arab invasion of Israel May 1948
Episode 5.1 Kenya and Madagascar — September 1, 2020

Episode 5.1 Kenya and Madagascar

Kenya and Madagascar

To start season five which deals with the Cold War in the Middle East and Africa between 1945 and 1965, which will be published weekly for the next eight months..  This episode deals with the Madagascan uprising against French Colonial rule and the Mau Mau revolt in Kenya against the British. There is a biography of General Erskine the commander of the British Army in Kenya.

To be published on Saturday 5th September.

General Erskine
Donations now welcome — August 31, 2020

Donations now welcome


Korean war podcasts are now accepting donations via Patreon please see the link above for more information. All donations are greatly appreciated and help to support the content being produced. A lot of time, effort and money goes into the research and production of these podcasts so any donations will help me to continue bringing out new episodes and series as frequently as possible for you to enjoy. When applicable Patrons will receive yet to be released content through the Patreon site as a thank you for donating.




When the cold War got hot — June 18, 2020

When the cold War got hot

This is a podcast series on the wars involved in the Cold War between 1945 and 1965. Unlike other Cold War this is mainly a military history podcasts rather than a political history. Each episode is twenty minutes long.

Season One

This was a sixty-eight-episode military history series on the Korean War, giving the background to war, the North Korean invasion of South Korean. The United Nations defence of the Pusan perimeter and the Inchon invasion. The Chinese intervention into the war and the stalemate of the last two years of the war.

Season Two

This was a twenty-part episode on the First Indochina War between the Communist Viet Minh fighting the French Army for independence for Vietnam. The war ending in the French Army defeat at the battle of Dien Bien Phu.

Season Three

A ten-part episode on the Malay emergency as Communist guerrillas fought the British Army in Malaya. This was followed by a four-part series on the Indonesia Confrontation when Indonesia tried to invade North Borneo.  A final episode deals with the Communist revolts in the Philippines and Burma.

Season Four

Season Four deals with the Cold War with a ten-part episode on the Greek Civil War and a ten-part series on the Hungarian Revolution. There were two episodes on the Trieste crisis and single episode on the communist take over of East Europe, the Berlin airlift, the attempt to overthrown of the Albanian Communist Government and the East Germen People Revolt.

Season Five

Season Five starts in September 2020 and will deal with the First Arab-Israel War, the Algerian War of Independence, the Suez crisis of 1956 and well as single episodes on the Mau Mau revolt in Kenya, events in Iran in 1953, the Congo crisis and the North Yemeni civil War.

Episode 4.27 The Military Balance — March 8, 2020

Episode 4.27 The Military Balance

The Military Balance in Europe 1945 – 1956

After the Second World War the Soviet Union demobilises its armed forces to a much lesser degree than the Western power, giving the Soviet Union a larger military force in Europe than the Western powers.  However the Americans process the atomic bomb and even after 1949 when the Soviets develop their own atomic bomb, the American still have many more atomic weapons than the Soviets.  The creation of NATO and the Warsaw Pact.  The creation of the West German armed forces and a biography of West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

To be published on Saturday 14th March

This episode will be the last in season four.

konrad adenauer
Episode 4.26 Hungarian Revolution 10 — March 2, 2020

Episode 4.26 Hungarian Revolution 10


In the last in this ten part serial on the Hungarian Revolution, I tell of the rest of the dictatorship of Hungarian Communist Kadar until the fall of Communist in 1988.  How the end of Communism in Hungary, allowed the Hungarians to be more able to discuss the revolution of 1956.  I give the biography of Catholic Cardinal Mindszenty who sought refuge in the American embassy in Budapest from 1956 to 1971,  Then I give a brief history of Hungary to the present day.

To be published on Saturday 7th March

Cardinal Mindszenty