The Battle of Athens part two

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden  fly to Athens at Christmas 1944 to hold a conference with the Greek Government and to show British Government support for the Greek Government against the Greek Communists to the rest of the world.  British military reinforcement are sent to Greece, these added troops help the turn the course of the Battle of Athens in favour of the British Army and against the Greek Communists, a biography of the British army commander General Scobie.  During their time of occupation of much of Athens, the Greek Communist secret police murder thousands of alleged political opponents which becomes known as the red terror.  By January 1945 the battle of Athens having been lost, the Communist pull out of the City but take thousands more prisoners with them.  In February 1945 the Greek Communists agree to lay down most of their weapons and allow the Greek Government to occupy the town of Greece.

to be published on Saturday 14th September

General Scobie