A three podcast series telling of when the Cold War became a hot war.

Series One

Korean War Podcast (69 episodes)

Telling the story of the Korean War (1950-1953), the background, the battles and the aftermath of the Korean War.  A war which not only involved North and South Korea but also the United States, China and many of the Western nations fighting for the United Nations to resist a Communist invasion.

Series Two

The First Indochina War (20 episodes)

Telling the story of the First Indochina War when the army of the French Empire fought the Communist Viet Minh who sought to secure independence from Colonial War.  A war that would leave Vietnam divided and led to the Vietnam War a decade latter.

Series Three

The Malaya Emergency

To be published latter this year telling the story of the war in Malaya between the British Commonwealth and the Malayan Communists.

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