That the podcast is clear to people with varying decrees of knowledge of military term, I have tried to keep the naming of military units simply, which may not please the purist.

If the unit is of the same nationally as the previous unit mentioned or the context making it clear which army I am referring to then I omit the nationally.

As the great majority of units listed are infantry units, I omit the word infantry but if they are of any other kind of type of unit then I refer to them as artillery or tank or engineer or marine etc.

If I did not then a phase such as ‘The 13th and 14th regiments of the 6th Division’ would have to read ‘the 13th North Korean infantry regiment and the 14th North Korean infantry regiment of the 6th North Korean infantry Division’.  You would quick tire of me repeating the words ‘Korean infantry’, 40 times in an episode.

As to the American 5th Regiment it was officially called the 5th Regiment Combat Team as it had its own organic Artillery battalion.   Instead I refer to the 5th Regiment with the support of the 555th Field Artillery Battalion, I do so because at the battle of the bloody glutch in August and at other times the two units were widely separated which had unfortunate results for the artillery battalion and also I do have not to confuse people with yet another military term.