Book Selection — December 1, 2015

Book Selection

The Korean War by Peter Lowe

This book is mainly a political history of the Korean War rather than a Military history of the war.  It deals with the political decision which brought the Governments of North Korea, South Korea, China, the United States and it allies into the war.  The book is particular good at detailing the creation of the North Korean state and the sacking of General Mac Arthur.  It is published by Mac Millan.  THE ISBN is 0-333-77101-X.


Book Selection — November 23, 2015

Book Selection

Hot Shots

Written by Jennie Chancey and William Forstchen, they interviewed American pilots who had served in the Korean War.  The pilots tell their experience of air to air combat and of ground attacks on the enemy.  It involves the story of an American pilot who was shot down and captured by the enemy and his life as a prisoner of war.  The book is published by Harper Collins.

The ISBN is 9780688164553

hot shots