Episode 5.35 Suez Crisis 3 — February 17, 2021

Episode 5.35 Suez Crisis 3


In 1956 Egyptian President Nasser announces the Egyptian Government will nationalise the Suez Canal although this was counter to what the Egyptian and British Government had agreed in their 1954 agreement.  There was broad dismay among British Members of Parliament both Conservative and Labour.  British Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden plans with the French Government to take military action against the Egyptian Government, possible military operations are discussed.  A biography of the French Prime Minister Guy Mollet who along with Eden takes a very hostile position towards Nasser.

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Guy Mollet
Episode 5.24 Suez Crisis 2 — February 8, 2021

Episode 5.24 Suez Crisis 2


After the overthrow of Egyptian King Fakour, Nasser emerges as the most important member of the new Egyptian Government, his biography is given.  While at first the American Government tried to establish friendly relations with Nasser, he increasingly becomes allied with the Soviet Union, who supply Egypt with weapons.  In 1954 the British and Egyptian Governments reaches an agreement for the British military to leave the Suez Canal Zone.  Nasser aids Palestine guerrillas in making raids into Israel and the Israeli army undertake counter raids into Egypt.

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Episode 5.23 Suez Crisis 1 — February 1, 2021

Episode 5.23 Suez Crisis 1

The Suez Canal

The Suez Canal opened in 1869, providing a quicker route for shipping from Europe to Asia, this was of especial use to Britain, whose Government brought shares in the Suez Canal Company and latter occupied Egypt.  After the Second World War, Britain retained a large military garrison in Suez Zone.  King Fakour of Egypt organised a nationalist campaign to force the British out of the Canal Zone, leading to fighting between British troops and Egyptian Police.  A biography of Sir Anthony Eden who was the British Prime Minister in 1956.

To be published on Saturday 6th February

Sir Anthony Eden


The Suez Crisis — January 28, 2021

The Suez Crisis

From February 6th, I will begin a ten part serial on the Suez Crisis of 1956.  After Egyptian President Nasser nationalise the Suez Canal, Britain, France and Israel come to a secret agreement to attack Egypt.  The result is the Second Arab – Israeli War and the Anglo – French invasion of Port Said.  The American Government opposes this and does what it can to undermine the entire enterprise.

Episode 5.22 Algerian War of Independence 10 —

Episode 5.22 Algerian War of Independence 10

The suitcase or the coffin

The streets of Algiers and Oran become a terrorist battleground between the OAS and the FLN.  The French Government and its President Charles De Gaulle agrees to the FLN demands for Algerian independence and effectively give the FLN all they want.  A million members of the Pied Noir community leave Algeria to live in France, Spain, Israel or another country, it is seen as a choice between the suitcase and the coffin.  A look at the history of Algeria after independence and a biography of Algerian President Boumenience.

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Episode 5.21 Algerian War of Independence 9 — January 19, 2021

Episode 5.21 Algerian War of Independence 9

The Army revolt against De Gaulle

The French Army leadership became increasingly concern that President De Gaulle might agree to Algerian independence.  A coup by the French Army is planned in Algeria. two former commanders of the French Army in Algeria are among the plotters General Salan and General Challe, also General Zeller is leader of the coup, his biograph is included.  The coup collapses within four days.  Some of those involved go on to launch a right wing terrorist group the OAS, who try to kill De Gaulle.

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General Zeller
Episode 5.20 Algerian War of Independence 8 — January 11, 2021

Episode 5.20 Algerian War of Independence 8

The Pied Noir Revolt against De Gaulle

In January 1960, there is an uprising among the Pied Noir in Algiers.  For a week barricades line the main streets.  A biography of Joe Otiz, a militant Pied Noir leader.  However the revolt fades out and the leaders are jailed or flee into exile.  De Gaulle begin peace talks with the FLN but they end unsuccessfully,

To be published on Saturday 16th January.

Episode 5.19 Algerigan War of Independence 7 — January 4, 2021

Episode 5.19 Algerigan War of Independence 7

Peace of the Brave, War to the end

The French Army launches a number of offensives in Algeria, to defeat FLN guerrilla fighters, these attacks inflict losses on the FLN but do not destroy it.  A biography of the commander of the French Army in Algeria, General Challe.  Meanwhile French President De Gaulle becomes increasingly doubtful as to whether the war in Algeria can be won.  He begins to reaches out to offer a comprise peace to the Algeria independence movement.

To be published on January 9th.

General Challe


Episode 5.18 Algerian War of Independence 6 — December 21, 2020

Episode 5.18 Algerian War of Independence 6

The French Army coup of 1958

Increased discontent within the French Army to its Government’s handling of the war in Algeria, leads in 1958 to a French Army coup in Algiers, which quickly seizes control of Algeria and then Corsica, the Army threatens to attack Paris.  The Coup is a success, not only is the French Government brought down but the entire French Fourth Republic is sweep away and an unelected Frenchman, Charles De Gaulle becomes the new President of France, able to make laws by decree.  A biography of Charles De Gaulle.

To be published on Saturday 2nd January 2021.

Charles de Gaulle


Episode 5.17 Algerian War of Independence 5 —

Episode 5.17 Algerian War of Independence 5

The Battle of Algiers part two

The French 10th Para-troop Division is sent to the City of Algiers to combat the FLN’s terrorism campaign in the City.  A biography of the Division commander General Massu.  The French Army uses brutal methods to break the FLN in Algiers including the use of torture to obtain intelligence from suspected FLN members.  Over three thousands Muslims are murdered by the French Army, many have their bodies dropped into the sea from helicopters.  The power of the FLN is broken in the City and its leader Abane, flees.

To be published on Saturday 26th December 2020

General Massu