Episode 4.18 Hungarian Revolution 2 — January 7, 2020

Episode 4.18 Hungarian Revolution 2


Hungarian Prime Minister Imre Nagy tries to introduce more liberal reforms but his political reforms are largely blocked by Communist leader Rakosi, the Soviets demand the removal of both men from power.  A biography of Imre Nagy who would become one of the key figures of the Hungarian Revolution.  Public discontent with Communist rule in Hungary grows, on Monday October 22nd students in Budapest meet and plan a protest march for the next day.  That march would begin the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

To be published on Saturday 11th January

Imre Nagy
Episode 4.17 Hungarian Revolution 1 — December 23, 2019

Episode 4.17 Hungarian Revolution 1


The story of Hungary from the Soviet occupation in 1944 through the Communist take over of the country, until 1953.  Rakois is chosen by Stalin to become the Communist dictator of Hungary, he creates a highly repressive Stalinist regime in Hungary with a secret police, the AVH, opposition parties are banned and opposition political leaders are either imprisoned or killed, in Hungary hundreds of thousands are imprisoned, thousands are murdered.  In 1950 Rakois began a purge of fellow Communists, they are tortured into making false confession as to being western spies then hanged.  The economy of Hungary is sent into a downward spiral by the policies of Rakosi and massive payments having to be made to the Soviet Union.  In 1953 after the death of Stalin, the new soviet leadership force Rakosi into toning down the scale of his terror and forced to accept Imre Nodge as the prime minister of Hungary.

To be published on Saturday 4th January 2020



Hungarian Revolution Podcast Series — December 14, 2019

Hungarian Revolution Podcast Series

Hungarian Revolution of 1956

In the new year a ten part series on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 will begin.  The first two episodes will tell the story of Communist rule in Hungary from the Soviet occupation in 1944 to the eve of the Hungarian Revolution in October 1956.  The following six episode will tell of the bloody struggle in Budapest between Hungarian freedom fighters and Soviet troops.  The ninth episode will tell of the brutal revenge carried out by the Communists on those freedom fighters followed by a final episode which will tell of the rest of the Communist dictatorship of Hungary until the fall of Communist in Eastern Europe.

The first episode will be published on Saturday 4th January 2020

Episode 4.16 East German People’s Revolt —

Episode 4.16 East German People’s Revolt

East German People’s Revolt 1953

In 1953 a strike by building workers in East Berlin against higher production targets quickly grows into a mass demonstration against the East German Communist Government.  Further strikes and demonstrations spread though out East Germany as East Germans protest against years of Communist rule.  However the next day in East Berlin another demonstration by East Berliners is meet with gunfire from Soviet tanks, hundreds are killed, thousands are arrested, many are sentenced to long terms of imprisonment.  A biography of Walter Ulbricht the Communist ruler of East Germany.

To be published on Saturday 21st December 2019

Walter Ulbricht
Episode 4.15 Kim Philby — December 8, 2019

Episode 4.15 Kim Philby

Kim Philby and the Albanian Counter Revolution

The Communists had gained control of Albania in 1944 but by 1949 the Communist regime had been weakened by internal purges and isolated by the spilt between Tito and Stalin.  American and British intelligence agencies plotted to launch an attempt to overthrow the Communist Government in Albania which might have succeed but for the fact a British Spy chief Kim Philby knew about it, his story and that of the Cambridge Spy Ring.

To be published on Saturday 14th December

Kim Philby


Episode 4.14 Berlin Airlift — December 2, 2019

Episode 4.14 Berlin Airlift

The Berlin Airlift

In the summer of 1948 Stalin decides to cut road, rail and river transport from West Germany to West Berlin, he hopes to force the Americans, British and French troops out of the City.  However the Western power response by trying to supply West Berlin by air with the food and fuel needs the people of the City require.  The airlift is a great success for the Western powers and in 1949, Stalin ends the blockade.  The story and biography of the so called Candy Bomber.

to be published on Saturday 7th December

The Candybomber
Episode 4.13 Empire of the Red Tsar — November 25, 2019

Episode 4.13 Empire of the Red Tsar

Empire of the Red Tsar

The story of the Communist take over of the Eastern European states towards the end of the Second World War as the Soviet Red Army sweeps though Eastern Europe.  For three years the Czech people did manage to maintain a multi party democracy but in 1948 the Czech Communists organise a coup to seize total control of the state.  This would be followed by the creation of a police state and purges of many including even of fellow Communists.  A biography of the Czech Communist leader Gottwald.

To be published on Saturday 30th November



Episode 4.12 Trieste Crisis 2 — November 21, 2019

Episode 4.12 Trieste Crisis 2

The Free territory of Trieste

Due to American pressure and lack of support from Stalin, Tito was forced to withdraw Yugoslavian military forces from Trieste in the summer of 1945.  However in 1946 a confrontation between Yugoslavia and the United States began, two American planes being shot down.  Yet lack of support from Stalin again forces Tito to back down.  The Free Territory of Trieste is created, a biography of American military Governor Alfred Bowman. In 1954 Trieste is handed over to Italy.

The flag of the free territory of Trieste


Episode 4.11 Trieste Crisis 1 — November 15, 2019

Episode 4.11 Trieste Crisis 1

The Battle of Trieste

In the first of a two part episode on the crisis over control of the Adriatic City of Trieste, the episode deals with the race to capture the City at the end of the Second World between the Western allies and the Yugoslav communists.  it would be a race that the Yugoslav Communists would win and would pave the way for crisis over control of the City of Trieste and surrounding area that would continue until 1954 and cost the lives of American and Yugoslav servicemen.  A biography of General Peter Drapsin the commander of the Yugoslavian Fourth Army and commander of the Yugoslav forces in Trieste in the summer of 1945.

To be published on Saturday 16th November

General Peter Drapsin


Episode 4.10 — November 7, 2019

Episode 4.10

The Battle of Grammos

In August 1949, the largest and mostly costly battle of the Greek Civil War occur in the Vitsi and Grammos mountain range in North West Greece.  The Greek Communist are defeated by the Greek National Army.  Stalin fearfully of an alliance between Yugoslavia, Greece and the United States that could overthrow the Albanian Communist Government, Stalin orders the Albanian and Bulgarian Communist Government to disarm the Greek Communist fighters.  The Greek Civil War comes to an end.  A brief history of Greece since the Civil War and a biography of George Grivas..

To be published on Saturday 9th November

George Grivas