Episode 14 — December 5, 2015

Episode 14

The Battle of Taejon

The American press reaction to the American Army’s defeats in July 1950.  The defeat of the American 24th Division by the North Korean 3rd and 4th Division at Taejon.  Major General Dean is captured by the North Koreans.  A biography of Marguerite Higgins, an award winning war reporter.

Marguerite Higgins
Marguerite Higgins

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Book Selection — December 1, 2015

Book Selection

The Korean War by Peter Lowe

This book is mainly a political history of the Korean War rather than a Military history of the war.  It deals with the political decision which brought the Governments of North Korea, South Korea, China, the United States and it allies into the war.  The book is particular good at detailing the creation of the North Korean state and the sacking of General Mac Arthur.  It is published by Mac Millan.  THE ISBN is 0-333-77101-X.